PowerPoint Presentations

Download PowerPoint templates for your presentation.

Scientific Posters

For your convenience, you can use one of the PowerPoint templates provided for your poster.

Scientific Poster Tips

Submitting Your Poster

Please save your poster using your name at the beginning of the PowerPoint file followed by topic.

For example: Smith_John _Mammalian Infection Rate in Arkansas.PPT

Once completed, submit your poster printing request and attach your PowerPoint file.

On the request form, please include in the description area:

  • If the poster was created on a Windows PC or a Mac. Either is fine, the printer just needs to know should your file need adjustments.
  • Your desired due date, especially if it is due sooner than three days.

Please carefully proof you poster before submitting.

Poster Size

Poster sizes are determined by the event’s sponsoring organizations, so check with them before you begin.

  • Sizes can be vertical or horizontal formats and custom sizes can be accommodated.
  • All templates have at output size.
    • Before working on your poster, check your template size in PowerPoint: Design….Slide Size….Custom.
    • Your poster size must be the same size as your PowerPoint template. For example, if you use a 44”x44” template but you want your poster printed as a 42”x76”, your template won’t print correctly because the proportions do not match.

Poster Materials


  • $3 per square foot
  • rolled and stored in a tube for easy transport
  • can be easy to tear and once creased or bent cannot be repaired


  • $5 per square foot
  • may be folded for easy transport
  • wrinkle resistant and difficult to tear

Normal turnaround is 3 working days.

PDF file proofs provided prior to printing unless a rush job is requested (1 day or less).

Logos verified to meet UAMS branding guidelines.

Picture/Illustration Formats and Resolution:

  • JPG is the best image file format to use for inserting pictures and illustration.
  • We recommend that you do not copy and paste images found on websites since they are typically lower resolution. Although an image may look clear on your screen, if your picture files are low resolution it may appear blurry when printed as a full-size poster.
  • To verify that your inserted image will retain the detail needed, zoom into the image to 200%: View…Zoom….200%.
  • If you can see the detail you desire, it should print well on your poster. If it lacks detail, a higher resolution picture must be used. Images must be at least 2 MB in size to reproduce well on your poster.
  • To check your image’s resolution on a PC, right click on the image file and look at properties. If you copied the image from a website and paste into PowerPoint, you may need to save the image as a picture/JPG first to view the properties. 1,000 KB = 1 MB


If you’re not using one the templates provided, please make sure you have the correct UAMS logo on your poster. Most UAMS logos can be found here: Download logos and view branding guidelines.