Student Research Day

Use one of the PowerPoint files below for your poster. Once completed, submit your PowerPoint file with your work order and note if the poster was made on a Windows PC or a Mac. Both are fine, we just need to know.

PowerPoint Files

SRD Cyan 24×36
SRD 24×36 gray
SRD White 24×36

Poster Hints for Student Research Day 2018

The deadline for submission is: February 16

Please use your name at the beginning of the PowerPoint file name. For example: Smith_John_SRD2018_Mammalian Infection Rate in Arkansas.PPT

E-mail your PowerPoint file to and in the Subject Line type Student Research Day: Work Request for Creative Services

Student Research Day posters are 24(w) in. x 36(h) in.

Picture/Illustration Formats and Resolution:

  • The best file format to use for Inserting Pictures and Illustration is JPG. Generally speaking, using Copy and Paste images from Web sites does not work well since they may be low resolution.
  • If your picture files don’t have enough resolution they will print fuzzy and not show the detail needed. Although an image may look clear on your screen, if it is a low resolution it may look poor when printed at full size as a poster.
  • To verify that your inserted image will retain the detail needed, zoom into the image to 200%: View…Zoom….200%.
  • If you can see the detail you desire, it should print well on your poster. If it lacks detail, a higher resolution picture must be used. Images must be at least 2 MB in size to reproduce well on your poster.
  • To check your image’s resolution on a PC, right click on the image file and look at properties. If you copied the image from a website and paste into PowerPoint, you may need to save the image as a picture/JPG first to view the properties. 1,000 KB = 1 MB