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T-shirts are sold on Thursday and Friday only –
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

T-shirt flyer with sizes and descriptions and prices. Also includes different colors and styles

Creative Services

A non-profit, full-service creative resource that serves the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and various other Arkansas state agencies. The office consistently hones its services and techniques to guarantee consistently excellent value, service and convenience. Rely upon this talented and innovative staff for your next creative project.

Creative Services hours: M-F, 8 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

When Submitting a Job

A job request cannot be opened unless you attach approved FINAL Copy.

  • Final copy must be proofed and approved by all department approvers and attached to the work request in word format. If copy is for an event, the copy and event must be approved by the events team.
  • Partial copy may be attached for large-scale projects such as conference programs as long as a majority of the content details are approved, although some details such as agenda/speakers may not be finalized.
  • You can attach a directional mockup in PDF format, but a word doc is still required.

If you submit a design that does not follow UAMS brand guidelines, or is a non-UAMS brand but does not meet our professional communications standards, please be aware that your submission will be redesigned by one of our artists.

Creative Services Fees

Creative Services does not charge for labor. You only pay for the costs of printing or for services rendered after normal business hours such as for photography and video. Additionally, some fees will be charged that go beyond the standard three rounds of revisions that are included with every job.

Layout Revisions Fee

Approved layout designs include three rounds of revisions. For each additional round of changes where the artist provides a new electronic proof, a $10 fee will be charged.

Major Layout Revision Fee

For major layout changes after the first round of layout, such as redesigning a page to add additional content or changing photos and artwork, a $25 fee will be charged.

Printer Proof Fee

Once you approve your project’s layout to send to the printer, a printer’s proof is provided. The purpose of the printer’s proof is for you to review that the color is correct and ensure that no content is missing. Any copy or graphics revisions at the printer’s proof stage will incur a $25 fee per additional proof.

After Hours/Weekend Photo and Video Fees are $75/hour

Photo and video after hours/weekend services are based on availability.

Video Reshoot Fee

After initial shoot, for each additional scene reshoot, a $25 fee will be charged.

Video Edit Revisions Fee

Approved video edits include three rounds of revisions. For each additional round of changes where the editor provides a new electronic link, a $10 fee will be charged.

For questions, call 501-686-5570 or place an order.

UAMS Seasonal Greeting Cards Policy

Please remember the following policy regarding seasonal greeting cards.

Neither Procurement Services nor Creative Services will be able to process any requests using state funds.

Purchase of Seasonal Greeting Cards

The State Financial Management System statutes regarding Maintenance and General Operation state in part: “The maintenance and general operation classification shall cover items of expense necessary for the proper and efficient operation of the state agency, authority, board, commission, department, or institution of higher education, except as otherwise classified in this subchapter.” Ark. Code Ann. § 19-4-522(a) (emphasis supplied). Subsection (d) of that statute sets out a non-inclusive list of maintenance and general operational expenses.

The Chief Fiscal Officer of the State has determined that the purchase of seasonal greeting cards and similar commodities are not necessary or a proper expenditure for the operation of state government. Accordingly, purchase orders or requests for expenditures for such items will not be authorized.

Creative Services Seasonal Greeting Card Policy

Creative Services can create and print artwork in our Copy Center using foundation funds, which will require labor fees to be charged. If quantities or special design requests require the use of an outside print vendor, the requestor will have to pay that vendor directly.