Why do we charge for our services since we’re all UAMS?

How long is this going to take me?

How can I keep cost low?

Why do we charge for our services since we’re all UAMS?

Although Creative Services is a division within Communications & Marketing, we are not funded with our own UAMS budget. So to sustain our salaries, equipment and administrative costs we have to be a charge-back department. At the same time, we are here to provide a service to UAMS. That’s why our fees for art, photography, videography, etc. are almost always lower than what you would find at an outside advertising agency or design firm. Our charges are intended to simply sustain our division so we are able to provide a full range of support to UAMS.

How long is this going to take me?

While we can’t tell you the exact length of time it will take – we can give you these estimates as a guideline when you’re planning. If you need a specific production schedule, please contact Rhonda Davis at or Angi McDaniel at

Standard brochure or small booklet

Design time of 5 to 8 working days, approval time of 2 to 3 working days, and 7-10 days for printing = 3 weeks

Short run color copies

We design it? 3 to 4 days to design and 2 to print = 5-6 working days
Reprint? 2 to 3 days for printing

Magazine, newsletter or other lengthy publication

Call for an in-depth production schedule, please contact Audra Wallace at or Angi McDaniel

Scientific Poster

We design it? 4-5 days for design, 2 days to print = 6-7 working days
You build it using one of our templates? 2 days
Got questions? Contact Sam Giannavola at


Normally takes 4 to 5 days from the time of approval. For questions regarding letterhead, envelopes or business cards, contact Karen Hodges at

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How can I keep cost low?

Clean copy:

Many times there are several people in your area or department that will want to provide input on text. After you write your text, share with your entire group and make all relevant changes before you send it to creative services. If all of the text is approved, you won’t pay for editing changes later on after it’s been designed.

Share your thoughts:

Tell us the audience, goal for the piece and objectives and we’ll take it from there. Also if you have an idea about the color, theme or photos, share them with us on the front end. You will get want you want faster and cheaper since the artist has an idea of your thoughts. Download our concept sheet here, send along with your order form to help explain your project.

Know your numbers:

Have an idea of the quantity needed. You can always give us a range of quantity, maybe 500 and 750 for instance. We can then get you prices on those quantities and let you decide. But, if you wait until the day after you approve the files, you’ll have to wait another few days in order to get prices. If you know your numbers early, you’ll save yourself time and money.


Does your piece need to mail? Would you like for us to handle that part too? We’ll need the mailing list for your piece. We’ll offer tips for cheaper mailing in regards to size, envelope needed, etc. If you have questions regarding the mailing list, please contact Angi McDaniel at

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